June 28, 2014


Tagline: A man falls in love with his operating system Samantha.

Really innovative sci-fi with a deep impact, I would not go in to the critique but it shows how our lives are captured and modified by the anti social effects of technology.

Secondly: Love is a form of socially acceptable insanity.

June 28, 2014
Ayaz Ahmad Khan

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December ki pehli barish

Dhanak rang kay heolay


Aansoun ki patt jharr main

Naye rangoun ki barsaat hoti ha


Jab koi ajnabi chehra

Tasawwar kay parday p ayaan hota ha


June 28, 2014
Ayaz Ahmad Khan

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I have my mother’s dreams

At times, when i fall to adversity,

on the treacherous path of lonesomeness


On the sleep of metamorphosis,

my dreams claim insanity


When visions of you leave me lavish,

on the wonderlands of a thousand utopias


Another world, far away, you trance a little dream of me,

back home, in your lap, my hair, someday will you caress


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